As Paradigms Shift

After all of the hype, speculation, and wish lists that superceded the release of the iPad, many technophiles and bloggers were dissappointed and some were down right upset at the lack of certain features. Multi-tasking, Flash, non-AT&T connectivity being the most prevalent of the missing. But, let us all remember, this is a generation 1 product for Apple.

While I don't really believe that this device will start a computing revolution, it could certainly be developed into a popular media consumption device much like the iPod. The size of the iPad is perfect for personal viewing of videos and reading magazine sized publications. The downside of this is the meager on-board storage making offline video viewing difficult.

But the underlying issues with the iPad are not technological, but idealogical. Apple's reluctance to relenquish any control of their App Store contents makes developing applications for the device less enticing. Once the device is "in the wild" we should see a flurry of development, but the fallout from the restrictions placed on developers may make this a less than ideal platform for new, groundbreaking applications.