Rotten Apples!

Cyber-Terrorist reveals Top Secret iPhone Prototype!

Clearly it was a threat to our national security when a prototype of the next iPhone was found in the wild. I know I feel threatened. In the aftermath of this event, most of the technology community feels that Apple (Steve Jobs in particular) has gone over the edge in their pursuit of criminal charges against the people responsible for the alleged iPhone theft.

Wired has an article about the iPhone leak situation and Steve Wozniak's take on the situation.

All kidding aside, Jason Chen and Gawker management should be outraged. This is a typical publicity derived police action which in the end will hopefully be revealed in the same media that the case was reported in. Even if the detectives had a legal warrant, common sense says they could have waited until Jason and his wife were home and entered without breaking down the door. This is a technology blogger not a terrorist!

David Carr of the New York Times had this to say about Apples response to the leak. The consensus appears to be bad for Apple who seems to have traded places with Microsoft as the "Evil Empire".

More Bad Apples….

Continuing in the same bad light, Apple has repeatedly shown itself to be capricious and arbitrary in it's approval process for its iTunes app store. I recently visited the app store to see what I could find and the very first free app is "Ow My Balls", an entertainment app that allows the user to kick a cartoon character in the crotch.


Other gems in the free category are Panties Scanner Lite, Sex Positions Game and Adult Sex Strip. I'm no prude, but if the process is supposed to protect kids against pornography, then I do believe they have failed.